Active Passive Portfolios

Benjamin F. Edwards Active Passive Portfolios is a discretionary portfolio advisory program that combines actively managed mutual funds with passive exchange traded funds offered in a suite of models. The asset allocation models include a variety of asset types that, together, offer appropriate style diversification (i.e. diversification among large, mid and small-cap funds, as well as value vs. growth strategies as well as models with exposure to alternative investments) to accommodate each investment objective. Clients will work with their financial advisor to determine the asset allocation model most appropriate for their needs. The models developed and used by BFE are strategic in nature. Changes may occur from time to time to style (sub-category) allocations, but adjustments to the asset allocation (equity vs. fixed income) are expected to be infrequent. Periodic rebalancing of the account will occur to trade the fund allocations back to their target percentages of the model.