Why Edwards?

Benjamin F. Edwards first and foremost is an investment and financial planning firm whose priorities are: Clients first, Financial Advisors and Employees second, and Private Shareholders, third. We are governed by the Golden Rule in all of our personal interactions and always keep the focus on our three pillars: Trust, Integrity and Mutual Respect. It is these values that set us apart.


Benjamin F. Edwards’ investment approach is not a model of our own making. It reflects the freedom we give our Financial Advisors to provide their own best wisdom, calibrated for each individual client. Our advisors can work with their clients as they see fit, an arrangement that helps attract top advisors because they aren’t encumbered by outside interference in their client relationships, many of which have endured for decades. They also love working for a firm with a spirit of entrepreneurship that empowers them to define their own professional destiny, which can include working more independently through Edwards Wealth Management.


We equip our Financial Advisors with the latest client-friendly technology and back them with the support of teams of licensed investment and specialized financial planning experts who can address life’s milestones whether they’re challenges or opportunities. The result is customized, all-weather and flexible client financial plans regardless of whether someone is just starting out or has a sizeable portfolio and sophisticated advice needs.


We believe that both clients and their Financial Advisors are individuals, and the plans they create together should be as unique as they are.