Prosperity Through a Pandemic

Over the past few months, I’ve heard stories of how our Edwards advisors have remained true to our mission of putting clients’ interests first despite the challenges we all face at this time in our history. As this story from Corporate Communications demonstrates, our people are indeed out there on the frontlines helping clients any way they can every day. I could not be more proud.

Branches Stepped Up Efforts to Aid Clients During the Pandemic

Some Clients Who Were Helped the Most Were Those With Limited Family and Social Networks

There are times when prosperity isn’t so narrowly defined as financial success but also pertains to generosity of the heart. Despite the adversity brought on by the pandemic that began last year, many of us have been touched by or witnessed acts of kindness that have at least temporarily blunted the sting of our circumstances.

This has certainly been true at Edwards.

Mark Fellows, Western Regional Manager, sent lunch to the police department and another local service agency in the community to thank them for their service during the pandemic. He also tried to help local small businesses by patronizing local restaurants for the lunches he provided to the community. He did this a while back when there was a lot of additional stress and Covid was newer.

Doing special things for clients is an activity that Northfield, N.J. Branch Manager Peter Tampellini and many Edwards branches carry out all of the time, including during Covid.

“We have a list of elderly clients (who live alone) that once a week we call to check on,” said Donna Snow, senior registered financial client associate in the Northfield, N.J. branch. “For Valentine’s Day Peter sent some of the ladies candy. We’ve also sent “Thinking of You” cards just to let them know they are being thought of not only because they’re going through the pandemic but also because they have their own personal health issues.

“Peter also sends them soup kits, blankets or anything that just might brighten their day. He is forever thinking about and giving to others,” Donna said.

Buying and delivering chocolate to a client’s home is one way Southeast Regional Manager Roland DeLiniere shows he cares to an older couple. The wife cannot get out of the house as much as she used to due to Parkinson’s disease. Covid also has limited their trips to the store. “The husband — and I am sure the wife — enjoy chocolate, so Roland takes it to them periodically,” said Yvonne Trentman, senior manager, Branch Services.

Peter, the Northfield, N.J. branch manager, also has worked hard to keep the morale up at the branch office while all were in the throes of Covid.

“During the last year of the pandemic, while the Financial Advisors worked from home, Peter came into the office every day and made it a point to buy us lunch and all of us would eat together in the conference room so we could continue to feel connected,” Donna said. “He is truly amazing.”

Peter said  that he is an eternal optimist even during times like the pandemic. “As a branch, having lunch daily with the FCAs was an opportunity to bond and share in something that was very difficult for all of us.

“We feel unbelievably fortunate that we work for a company that gave us the option of working in the office or at home. The support staff was wonderful and marched on as they always do.”

As far as clients, “we did increase our focus on clients who were older, sick and/or alone,” Peter said. “The list of people we contacted were some of our smaller clients. Larger clients have better support systems.

“Much like society, there are people falling through the cracks and the pandemic heightened our concern for them, Peter said. “One of the lessons learned from the pandemic was that we need to be more empathetic, caring and thoughtful toward others.”

Fortunately, the pandemic could be less of a threat as more people are vaccinated. Nevertheless, Edwards is certain to carry on its tradition of treating others as they would want to be treated, regardless of life’s circumstances. Even during a pandemic.

It’s the Edwards way.

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