A Message from Tad EdwardsA Message from Tad Edwards

When discussing the brokerage business my father, Benjamin F. Edwards III, the former chairman, chief executive officer and president of A.G. Edwards, used to say if you put your client’s interests ahead of your own, did a good job for them and treated them fairly, a relationship based on mutual trust and respect would develop.

I was raised on these ideals and have relied on them throughout my 35-year career in the financial services industry. As I worked as a financial advisor, branch manager, and corporate executive, I have seen firsthand how these principles help foster collaboration and a special bond between a client and a financial advisor. That’s why I have incorporated them into our corporate mission statement at Benjamin F. Edwards & Co., a privately-held company I named after my father and one that provides personalized investment advice born out of a corporate culture rooted in trust, integrity and mutual respect.

Each of our financial advisors and all of our employees share my father’s and my passion for client service and having fun. We would welcome an opportunity to work together and show you how our culture sets us apart from other financial services firms.

Many thanks,


Benjamin F. (Tad) Edwards IV
Chairman, CEO and President
Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.