Cash Management

Cash ManagementWhen you open an account with us, your assets will be transferred to Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. in an efficient and orderly manner. If you desire more than a basic brokerage account to meet your investment and financial management needs, you may choose one of our three Corestone Account® options.

Education Planning Services

Education costs continue to rise more quickly than inflation. Building the assets necessary to fund a child or grandchild’s education can be a challenge. There are a variety of different ways to save.

  • 529 plans
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)
  • Custodial Accounts
  • Qualifying U.S. Savings Bonds
  • Traditional and Roth IRAs

Equity Investments

Equity Investments can be a smart choice to grow the value of your portfolio and/or generate income.

  • Common stocks (All major exchanges)
  • Equity Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Preferred Stocks

Estate Planning Services

Estate planning is not a process reserved only for those nearing retirement or for the wealthy. It’s an important component of your overall financial plan that determines who will inherit your assets and who will control the process.

Executive Compensation Services

Today many employers include stock-based compensation in their overall employee compensation packages. Some of the more common forms of stock-based compensation are restricted stock, stock appreciation rights and stock options. There are many tax and financial considerations associated with these forms of compensation. Uninformed decisions and even doing nothing at all can lead to costly mistakes. Your financial advisor can work with you and your tax advisor to determine the best way to handle stock-based compensation. In addition, we can help with the following:

  • A stock benefit analysis
  • Cashless stock option exercises
  • Restricted stock transactions
  • Concentrated equity position planning
  • Wealth accumulation strategies

Fixed Income Investments

Fixed income investments are an important part of a well-diversified portfolio. Fixed income investments include:

  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Corporate bonds
  • Fixed Income ETFs and Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs)
  • Fixed Income Unit Investment Trusts
  • Government Sponsored Enterprises (e.g. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac)
  • Municipal bonds
  • S. Treasuries
  • Zero Coupon bonds


Life insurance can be an important component of your overall financial plan. With access to a variety of leading life insurance carriers, we can help you understand the fundamentals of life insurance so you can navigate your choices with confidence.

Investment Banking

Find out more about our Investing Banking services.


From IRA basics and rollovers to contributions and withdrawals, we can help you select the right one for you.

  • Educational Savings Accounts
  • Rollovers
  • Roth
  • SEP-IRAs
  • Traditional

Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds has long been an appealing way for investors to efficiently diversify their investment holdings. Let’s help you find the funds with the right investment strategy (value, growth, balanced, large cap, small cap, international and fixed income, etc.) and the right fee structure (A shares, C shares, etc.). We offer some of the most widely-recognized fund families available. See important investment information concerning mutual funds.

Other Investment Vehicles

  • Money Market Funds
  • Options

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Before opening an option position, a person must receive a copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options. A copy of this can be obtained from your financial advisor.