Summer Savings Strategies: Be Disciplined and Systematic

May 15, 2019

By Bruce Buerkle, CFA, Senior Vice President, Manager Securities Research Support

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Have you reviewed how much you are saving annually and considered whether there are opportunities to increase your savings rate? Developing a “pay yourself first” plan can reap large rewards over the long term. Look for ways to automate your savings such as establishing a direct deposit into an investment account. Dollar-Cost Averaging, an investment strategy wherein you buy the same dollar amount of an investment at regular intervals, can help to build wealth while at the same time recognizing market volatility.

If you received an unexpected bonus or a salary increase, consider adding funds to your savings. To see how an increase in your savings may grow, consider inputting the funds into a savings calculator. Many are available on-line by just searching for “savings calculator”. You will be surprised at how quickly a regular savings program can grow through the power of compound interest.  Once your savings plan is up and running or as you make adjustments to it, note that as markets move around, your investments may get out of whack. Take a look at your investment mix and make sure it is still in balance relative to your investment objective and risk orientation. While selling outperforming investments feels wrong, you may need to pare them back to keep everything in balance.