Retirement Income Series: How Confident Are You?

Aug 7, 2019

By Debbie Placke, Vice President, Manager Financial Planning Tools and Marketing and Nick Frigerio, Associate Vice President, Planning and Research Associate

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Do you have a plan in place for retirement? Whether you are years away, or retirement is right around the corner, there are probably thoughts swirling in your head on what retirement will look like. This, along with other reasons, is why you should work with your Benjamin F. Edwards financial advisor to set a plan in place.

Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • What are your goals and how will you pay for them?
  • What are your expectations, and what concerns you about retirement?
  • What could pose a threat to your retirement and how can you manage it?

Planning can make a world of difference in your confidence and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Your financial advisor has tools available that can help you look at the big picture, set your goals and put a strategy in place to be able to fund those goals when retirement in here.

Financial planning is more than just a review of your investments and net worth. It’s about what you want to do with your money and why. Having income sources in place to fund your goals is one of the biggest considerations as you begin your plan for retirement.

Over the next several weeks, we will explore various aspects of retirement income planning from Social Security strategies to risks of outliving your income and how to generate income from your portfolio.  We will also consider what could jeopardize your plan and ways to build flexibility to ensure it is successful.