Growing after Transition: An Interview with Financial Advisor Libby Romack

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Financial Advisor Libby Romack talks about what brought her to Edwards, and why it was a great choice for her.

What attracted you to Benjamin F. Edwards?

“I worked for AG Edwards for many years and the idea of going back to that same culture was enticing.  I navigated through mergers at my previous organization, and the atmosphere changed dramatically from client centered to profit/corporate centered.”

What does success look like at Edwards?

“The ability to work with clients without pressure from above – to continually look to do what is right for the client – not for the firm is key.  The formula is simple – provide an atmosphere that allows you to put the client first, and your business will grow.  The advisor feels better, more confident, and convicted in what he or she is doing; in turn the advisor has more energy and excitement about the work – bringing in more clients and business because of it.”

Tell me about your transition to Edwards.

“It was very well orchestrated.  On day one, we had our office set up, phones ready to go, and assistance from the back office to help us get the ball rolling.  The process was laid out clearly for us, we didn’t have any issues catching on, and were continually helped by the Edwards team.  It was a lot of hard work, but we were not alone.  The move was well received by our clients and there was very little hesitation from them to come on board.  Clients recognized the Edwards name and understood the culture.”

What happened with your business when you moved over to Edwards?

“Upon my move to Edwards, I was re-energized.  I was fortunate enough to bring over most of the clients I was already working with. My business began to grow over and above where it was when I joined Edwards.  More referrals began to come in and clients brought in more funds to invest.  My production has more than doubled since moving to Edwards.”

What do you like about the culture at Benjamin F. Edwards?

“There is no doubt in my mind that taking care of the client comes first.  If I am looking for a solution for my client, the firm will help me, but not steer me.  Our back office works with us as team members to help us provide a high level of service to our clients.  The CEO is invested in his employees and is available to us all.”

How much did you know about Edwards before moving over?

“Quite a bit.  I knew several people who joined the firm prior to me (in our back office).  Talking with executives at Edwards, I learned that the mission statement of this firm was exactly what I was looking to go back to.”

What is your best advice for someone starting in the financial advisor role?

“Find a firm to work for that you can truly believe in; a firm that allows you to take care of your client without looking at mandates or preferred types of business.  Listen to your clients more than you talk to them.  Be accessible to your clients.  Do honest good work and have fun!”

What do you like best about being a financial advisor?

“My clients allow me to become a part of their family. It’s not just managing investments – it’s about running the marathon with my clients.  Its celebrating their victories but also helping them navigate through rough times.  It’s relationships – not numbers on a spreadsheet.”

Why should a financial advisor consider Benjamin F. Edwards?

“Benjamin F. Edwards is a company you can be proud to say you work for.  This firm is as committed as you are to taking care of your clients.  You have many employees who will be your teammates – specialists in all areas of financial planning, an operations staff that partners with you to provide service, and an executive committee who truly understands what you do every day on the front lines.”