Ascent Investment Partners

Based in St. Louis, Ascent Investment Partners is anchored by Sandy Pourcillie, Jeff Ladd, and Brian Tournier, all of whom are fixed income professionals with years of experience gained while working at A.G. Edwards & Sons and succeeding entities.

Because safety and stability are the primary reasons investors include a fixed income allocation in their portfolios, Ascent Investment Partners carefully balances risk and after tax return in every investment decision. The firm’s approach is slow and steady, research-driven, and disciplined. Because Ascent Investment Partners is focused on the fixed income markets, the company can uncover opportunities to add value while also determining when a trade is cost-efficient. At the same time, the professionals at Ascent avoid sacrificing credit quality for incremental yield and always seek a competitive total return.

Taxable and tax-exempt fixed income strategies are available with flexibility to meet individual client time horizons and tax needs. The firm’s primary objective for all of its strategies is to achieve a competitive total return, within a framework of a conservative risk tolerance. Learn more about Ascent at